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Ablecha Story

We were only a tea farmer family 10 years ago, owned a tea plantation in Fuding DianTou town,  only provide Fujian white teas.

From 2014, We cooperated with some excellence tea farmers all over Fujian,GuangDong、YunNan, HuNan, ZheJiang proviences, provide finest pure loose leaf chinese teas online.
That is the beginning of Ablecha.

Now There are Bai Hao silver  needle, white peony, Shou Mei, Tie Kuan Yin, Wuyi rock tea, Phoenix Dan Cong, Zhangpin Shuixian, Lapsang Souchong, Dian Hong, Jasmine pearl, Blooming Tea Etc, total more than 15kinds of loose leaf teas, all are directly from its origin and with traditional procession.

From 2016, Ablecha establish its local tea shop in Fuzhou and create chinese brand: Pltea(加茶良品)。 it provide pure tea retail as well as tea samples tasting and tea drinking with friends.

Why Ablecha

After more than 2 years of exporting tea, I learned that Chinese teas which

are originated with the traditional process, are quite difference with the flavor teas which are generally exists in western market, they could be said as two kinds of products. Chinese loose leaf teas are more suitable for pure brewing, without adding sugar, milk or other spices, when you drink a cup of tea, only absorb the nature of tea and enjoy its original taste. There are different varieties in different growing conditions, with difference processing technologies which are all adopted after thousands of years handed down. These developed and became hundreds of difference Chinese loose leaf teas. people drink tea with different and wonderful experience, at the same time have a good help to the body, which proved by a lot of scientific research.

From the beginning of 2014, I traveled 8 tea producing proviences, 55 tea towns, deep into the tea mountain and talked with farmers, deeply feel that the excellence teas should not tasted only in the China market , should share with more worldwide tea lovers, to learn clearly deeply and enjoy.

Yes, China teas already has a long history of export, but most of the exported tea’s quality are in the low-end, a large parts are consumed in hotels, restaurants, as people dining seasoning. Some parts are used for a variety of flowers and blending. The blended teas are good also, while because that tea is very tolerant, unlike coffee and wine, once drink with flowers herbals or strong spices , the tea itself taste would be difficult to be found or only shown slightly at the end. Of course, blended teas have more flavor, which is a good form of tea market.

Ablecha completely focus on pure loose leaf teas, by showing hundreds of different kinds of chinese teas, the right way of drinking, the knowledge and quality judgment, share the tea discovery road for all tea lovers, coming with us, you would enjoy more excellence tea secrets.


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