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What you should know about Zhang Pin Shui Xian
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Shui Xian, also called as Daffodils, or water fairy , is a wonderful variety of tea plants that are suitable for growing in many different environments In China, There are some difference kinds of Shui Xian in China: Wuyi Rock Tea Shui Xian, Min Bei Shui Xian(origin in Jian Ou of Fujian), Zhang Pin Shui Xian, Phoenix narcissus. They grow in different geographical positions and form different flavors. Of course, the tea tree of the phoenix narcissus and the narcissus tea tree in Fujian are not the same species, but have relative relation. We would talk about Phoenix Shui Xian in more detail later.

Zhang Pin Shui Xian is the only one of compressed oolong tea. Its Origin is in Fujian zhang Pin. Our teas are from Its Nan Yang Town Yin Lun Village, Zhang Shi Sheng.

Its North latitude 25 ° 24 ', longitude 117 ° 21 ', an average elevation of 210 meters. Although the elevation is not high, it has unique climatic conditions and soil characteristics, From the Chinese Yuan dynasty (more than 700 years ago) began to plant narcissus tea.

You Could get the most distinctive feature of orchid sweet osmanthus fragrance, starting from the first brewing, full room away the flowery aroma, this kind of aroma entry into your throat then returns back to the nose and mouth, full of encouraging.

1. The unique way of making Shui Xian

Compared with other narcissus tea, the fermentation degree of zhangping Shui Xian is lower than that of Wuyi rock tea, which is higher than that of An Xi Tie Guan Yin.

From the appearance, the biggest characteristic of Zhang Pin Shui XIan is the four-square-shaped compressed style. But that's not why it's different. Get a flat narcissus is reserved for tea stalk (like Taiwan oolong tea), so in the processing, get a flat narcissus Yao Qing is different from "Tie Guan Yin", is mainly by hand shake and just given priority to, the machine Yao Qing for auxiliary. In this way, the water in the tea stem can be transferred to the leaf to participate in fermentation.

The manual compressed style is more suitable for the carrying and brewing for tea lovers.

2. The way of brewing Zhang Pin Shui Xian

Since we mainly promote Chinese tea culture, Here we introduce Gong Fu style.

You can also try western-style , but it is advisable not to steep for too long.

1). Suitable tea sets

Gai Wan or a teapot.

2). Water:

100 degrees of boiling water.

1:15 tea water ratio, each narcissus tea cake is about 10g, so it needs 150ml boiling water to brew

3)Steep time: first charge 15-20 seconds. , add about 5 seconds each time.

Because it is a tight pressure tea, pour the tea into the tea quickly before brewing, then pour out quickly so that the tea aroma can overflow.


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