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All Info About Wuyi Rock Tea
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Wuyi Rock Tea means the tea varieties those grow in The ecological environment of wuyi mountain range,with the traditional procession technology and bring the unique quality characteristics of the Oolong Tea rock rhyme.

Shui Xian

一、The natural environment of Wuyi Mountain:

Wuyi Mountain, located at the border of Fujian and Jiangxi, consists of dozens of mountains ranging from 1500 meters to 2100 meters above sea level. The Wuyi mountain nature reserve is located on the east side of the mountains, which is famous for the Danxia landform. Wuyi rock tea is grown in these consist of a variety of rock soil.

There are many rivers among Wuyi mountain: CHONGYANG River, JIUQUXI River, etc.. A stream cuts Wuyi mountain into several regions. So there are 36 peaks, 99 rock and numerous small "ShanChang", Wuyi mountain farmers plant teas in these valleys, rock pit, gap, and a gentle slope of mountain, finally become difference tea gardens, the size of which is more dangerous its tea is better.

At present, according to the locality of tea, can be divided into  Zheng Yan, Ban Yan, Zhou Cha and Out of mountain tea.

Zheng Yan: the teas growth in the Wuyi Mountain Natural Reserve area;

Ban Yan: growth inside Wuyi Mountain while beyond the scenic spot.

Zhou Cha: Tea grow in the stream or mud land inside Wuyi mountain.

Wai Shan: a camellia outside the Wuyi mountains.

Because of the different growth environment, climate environment, will directly affect the quality of tea. Zheng Yan is the best, followed by Ban Yan, and Zhou Cha, Wai Shan. .

In summary, the more close to the core scenic area, the higher tea quality.

二、The rock tea plants varieties:

At the present Wuyi rock tea varieties are mainly divided into three categories:

1. The local species of Wuyi mountain, collectively known as group species, also known as Wuyi vegetable tea, including the following:

1) pure Da Hong Pao plant

2) Four famous Cong: Half Demon, Iron Luo Han, Bai Ji Guan, Water Beetle;

3) Cai Cha: Shi Ru, Qidan, Bei Dou Etc, there are hundreds of species.

In the early stage , there are many tea varieties out of Wuyi were introduced and grew here , the most famous and most successful variety should be Narcissus( Shui Xian); At the same time there were a lot of varieties of South of Fujian were grew in Wuyi, such as Mei Zhan, Fo Shou and so on; also grew Some Taiwan varieties such as Jin Xuan etc.

the new varieties grafted:

  In recent years, many fragrant varieties have been cultivated in Fujian Tea Research Institute, such as 105 yellow Guanyin, 305 Daphne, etc.

How should we grasp the characteristics of each variety?

Drink more! This is the Only solution.

When you drink each variety, not only taste one year tea, but also every year’s. taste this variety from difference tea areas, then you could have a more comprehensive understanding of the aroma and taste of this variety.

三、 The main difference between the processing technology of rock tea and other oolong teas is Carbon baked procession:

How many the origin of oolong tea in China?

1. Northern Fujian: including Wuyi Rock tea and Min Bei Oolong tea;

2. Southern Fujian: Anxi Tie Guan Yin, Zhang Ping Shui Xianl, Yong Chun Fo Shou tea;

3. Chaozhou:  Phoenix Dan Cong.

4. Tai Wan Oolong

The distinguishing feature of Wuyi Rock tea is the final procession. Carbon Baked. It is a complicated procession. The tea master must carefully contral the essence of tea, then control the baking time and temperature of the fire to stabilize and solidify the Rock tea quality.

According The degree of fire of rock tea, there are light fire, medium light fire, medium fire, medium foot fire, foot fire total five kinds, a tea in different degrees of the fire, the appearance would be a great difference.

The freshly baked rock tea is very intense and has a strong smell of fire. It is not suitable to taste it immediately. It is advisable to store more than 2-3 months. Therefore, good rock tea is usually not available until after November except for last years’

四、How to brew Wuyi Rock tea:

Because we only promote Chinese traditional tea culture, here we introduce the Gong Fu brewing way:

1. Suitable tea sets:

In China Mainland, especially in the southern, most of tea lovers use Gai Wan and tea pot.

No matter what tea sets, as long as grasp the following points, the advantage of Wuyi Rock tea could brew out;

2. Water: Soft water, or distilled water. The water temperature must be boiling, at least not less than 95 degrees.

3. Tea water ratio: the ratio of different varieties of rock tea will be slightly different, for your first time, try every 1g of tea with 15g of water.

4. Time for soaking: for those who have just started drinking rock tea: the front 3 infusions, try 5 to 10 seconds for each infusion. Add more 5 seconds after each time

Different tea maybe bring different tasting, if you feel too thick then short the brewing time of each infusion, instead, if too slight, add more 3-5 sec for each infusion. Noted that it could not be longer than 20 seconds, because it can bring more bitter and astringent.

五、How to review Wuyi Rock tea:

1. Smell Aroma:

Firstly smell the dry aroma of tea leaves, then after each brewing, smell the lid incense, if it is in tea pot, you could smell the aroma of wet tea directly.

At the end of the brewing, the tea leaves are poured out then smell the aroma of the bottom of GaiWan or tea pot.

The purity, concentration and duration of aroma are several factors of judgment.

2. Taste:

Make full touching with each part of the mouth and tongue, and repeat it several times.

First, checking if the aroma of the tea soup is consistent with the aroma of its dry tea;Then feel the body thickness, stimulation and freshness of the tea soup.

Try the continuous infusions until you feel feeling water inside the tea soup. Check how many infusions it takes to determine the tolerance of this tea.

Good rock tea can bring different aroma and taste from each infusion, which is the greatest charm of Wuyi Rock tea.


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